20 September 2006

Kyle's 1st birthday bash

In school uniform

25 August 2006

Linggo Ng Wika (Language Week)

After the "Nutrition Month", we celebrate the "Linggo ng Wika in August." When it's Linggo ng Wika all students/pupils are supposed to speak the Filipino Language and commemorate the heroic efforts of the late President Manuel Luis Quezon for the Filipino people.

In the school, pupils are made to choose whether he/she will render a "Tula", a native dance or a song "Ako'y Isang Pinoy." I chose to sing. In fairness, I did a lot of practice. Mom bought a CD, Tito made a minus one from the CD and converted into MP3 blah blah.

Came the big day, as usual, I was so excited seeing my classmates in their Filipiniana customes, although I was wearing one too. When my turn came, well...well...well. I managed to sing the first three lines and oops I forgot the fourth line and sang instead the first line of the chorus. Yaiks. And to my shame, i stopped singing...and cried instead. Oh....i should have chosen to dance. I am better off at dancing. But anyway, it was just my first time...there's always a first time.

Nutrition Month

Every July of each year, schools in the Philippines usually clebrate the "Nutrition Month." My Nursery School is one of them. It was my first to join a parade, more so with a little basket loaded with fruits and vegetables.

23 June 2006

First day in school

Hey there!!!

It's my first day in school. I was so excited. My mom saw me to school and waited for me just like other moms of my classmates. Hmm I was a bit late that was why I was seating at the far end of the classroom. We were quite a big class, we are almost 20 but it's ok...that means, i have many playmates.

Watch out for me in school uniform in my next post. See ya.

09 June 2006

More pics...

08 June 2006

Let us go free....

06 June 2006

Getting ready for school

Hey there....I'm going to school.

Yes, that's right. At three years old, I will start schooling. My school is not that bongga or montessori type but it's more like a formal day care.

My classes will start on June 13, from 10:30 am to 12:30 noon.

I can't wait...especially when I heard that there's a slide in the school.

Will tell you more next post.

15 May 2006

The Puerto Galera bash

It was just a dream... but a reality now.

I was in Puerto Galera for four days and three nights. For those who are not familiar, Puerto Galera is an island in Mindoro Oriental. Most foreigners and Filipinos alike frequent the place because of its white sand and nice beaches comparable to Boracay but much nearer from Manila.

I was with mom, dad, kyle, tito glenn and yaya. We took a bus, about 2 hour ride, from Cubao, to Batangas port. Then a ferry boat to Muelle (one of the islands) where we stayed. These pics were taken while we were on the boat going to Muelle.

We arrived at the "Moorings" almost one in the afternoon. Moorings has several townhouse units. The architecture, the furnishings are much better than our house in Cainta. We were given a two-bedroom unit. A perfect place to stay. I couldn't help but pose in its every corner.

The Moorings also has a pool which was made exclusive for us all throughout our stay.

We went from one beach to the other. The first one we went to is the SandBar Beach Resort which is the only beach found in Muelle. It wasn't that good. But anyway, here are some shots of this beach...

On our second day, we went to White Beach. It has white sand and the beach is much better than the SandBar. There were plenty of people, young and old alike, around. This time, my tito got a chance to spot "babes" in bikinis. Not for long, however, because we got there almost sunset time.

We were supposed to leave Puerto Galera Sunday morning but Tita Daisy (sis of my Ninong Elmie who sponsored our stay there) convinced us to stay for one more night and lured us to take to Oceana Dive Resort (which is managed by my Ninong's brother). Oceana Dive is located in Dulungan which is about 20 minute drive from Muelle. To cut the long story, we stayed for another night.

Indeed, Oceana Dive is terrific. I got the chance to "row, row, row your boat," the song goes, I couldn't believe I was actually doing it...

While dad and tito were on the beach picking up some precious stones (which to my disappointment were left behind), Kyle and I enjoyed the "duyan" with mom.

to be continued....

I'm back....

Hey there... It's been a while. I don't remember what happened since my last post. Let me recall. Ah, I remember now.

First, my nanny's son was hit by a trike so she had to rush home to attend to him. Her place is in Butuan City in Mindanao -- far far away from Cainta. So my mom had to go on leave for at least a week to take care of me and Kyle. Awesome week, I must say. This picture is a proof of my and Kyle's happy moments when mom stayed at home.

Then, Kyle and I were down with a viral flu - a recurring cough with a little fever. It was like Kyle and I were playing "pingpong" with this flu. What I mean is like for a week Kyle would have runny nose and the following week was my turn to have it when Kyle's about to recover. But Kyle would have it again the succeeding week. This went on for about two months. We visited our pedia almost every other week.

Finally, my Dad thought that we go to the beach... BEACH! Yes, that's right. Somebody told Dad that fresh air from the beach would take away kids' colds and the like. And we did just that.